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The following has been added to to FAQ:

What is the Website Committee?
Website committee members maintain the district website.

  • The Website Coordinator works closely with the Webmaster which is the content administrator for the website for District 23. The Coordinator is the liaison between AA meetings, GSRs, and District Coordinators to the Webmaster.
    • Relaying information to the webmaster such as:
      • Posting meeting changes
      • Posting new established meetings
      • Posting District Meeting minutes as pending till approval is acquired at the next scheduled meeting
    • This position is trained by the Webmaster to make minor changes directly to the website to expedite transactions. Only basic PC skills are required to perform these changes.
    • A very important and ongoing task is to bring awareness to the AA community that the website; www.NC23.org exists. Be a spokesperson for the website and all its useful information it contains.
  • The Webmaster does the following:
    • Administer email via Google Apps
      • Name/account changes
      • Forwarding
      • Password changes
    • Administer domain registration and hosting
      • Communicate with registrar/host
      • Maintain renewals
    • Administer website via WordPress
      • Post minutes and other documents (requires text/graphic editing and creation of PDFs)
      • Post news and events submitted via Website Committee and content submission form on site
      • Upgrade WordPress and Plugins
      • Edit templates (primarily after WP upgrades)
      • Administer users
    • Administer Google Analytics
      • Produce reports