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(Well, “semi-live” updates…)

Reid M., District 23’s DCM, is in attendance at the Fall 2010 Election Assembly & Committee Meeting in Raleigh and has submitted several updates on the work being done there. He’ll be adding more (possibly live and as they’re happening) as the assembly continues.

(Saturday Session, Nov. 20, 2010)

  • 3:42PM – Jennifer D. has been elected as the new Area 51 Delegate.
  • 4:18PM – Item #2 “That Area 51 accept donations from the North Carolina Conference of Young People in A.A.” has passed. Current vote (2nd vote) is for Area 51 Alternate Delegate.
  • 4:23PM – Homer M. (Former CPC-PI Coordinator) has been elected as Alt Delegate to Area 51.
  • 5:18PM – Item #3 has Passed. (Paraphrased: pass basket at Area Committee mtgs & Assemblies; + forwarding $ to General Service Office in NY)
  • 6:34PM – Break ’til 8PM
  • 8:58PM – Jennifer S. (Winston-Salem) has been elected as Alternate Chairperson.
  • 9:36PM – Rachel M. has been elected to Area Secretary.
  • 10:18PM – Joanne L. has been elected as Area 51 Treasurer.
  • 11:03PM – Amy T. has been elected as Area 51 Registrar.
  • 11:21PM – Agenda Items #4 & #5 (term of the Archivist be for 6 years & Area Archivist be elected using Third Legacy Election Procedure) have passed.
  • 11:42PM – Agenda Item #6 has passed.  (To reallocate $1100 from the CPC/PI Literature budget line to the Public Events budget line).
  • 11:45PM – Agenda Item #7  has passed. (To Approve the 2011 Area 51 budget)
  • 11:50PM – Motion to Delay remaining reports & Agenda Items until 8:30AM was unanimously approved.

(Sunday Session, Nov. 21, 2010)

  • 8:30AM – Call to Order;  Assembly resumes w/address by Incoming Area Delegate, Jennifer D.
  • 9:45AM – Resume Business from Saturday
  • 10:30AM – 2011-2012 Appointed Coordinators Approved.  New Coordinators are:
  • Literature Coordinator – Joe B.
    Grapevine Coordinator – Debbie M.
    CFC (corrections) coordinator – Dean C.
    TFC (Treatment Fac.) – Chuck W.
    CPC/PI Coordinator – Kenneth C.

  • 10:45AM – Basket was passed for the benefit of the General Service Office for the 1st time at a NC Assembly.
  • 11:30AM – Assembly Adjourned