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SPECIAL GUEST FOR FEBRUARY’S MEETING: Robin B., DCM of NC District 18 (Winston Salem), will be presenting about the Area 51 Piedmont Pre-Conference Forum. District 18 is hosting the forum in Greensboro on 27 MAR 2011. See the Events page for more information. Better still, come to the District Committee Meeting and hear Robin talk about this event!

The next District Committee Meeting (GSR Meeting) is at St. Andrews Episcopal Church (2105 West Market Street →) on 10 FEB 2011 at 06:30 PM. GSRs, please be sure to represent your group at this meeting. If your group doesn’t have a General Service Representative, please hold a group business meeting to elect one prior to this meeting.

District meetings are held only once per month and only last an hour. We need all groups to be represented at these meetings. All AA members are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.