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LITTLE RED BOOK meets Fridays at 6:30PM at Magnolia Baptist Church (1203 Magnolia Street, Greensboro →). The group was formed in July of 2008 by Ritchie P., Maureen L., and Whitney W. They read from The Little Red Book, then share experience, strength, and hope on what was read or on the step described. The meeting is held in the church basement in a large open room that can hold up to 75 people and has typical attendance of 20-30 people.

When asked to share something special about this group, their GSR, Thomas L., said, “We are very close to downtown and right beside Moses Cone hospital. We are one of only two meetings at 6:30PM on Fridays and we are an open meeting, so everyone is welcome. Our meeting takes a meeting to a men’s shelter in High point every other Wednesday. All we are trying to do is stay sober and help others do the same.”

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