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A new Weekly 12 Concepts Study will be held at the Winston Salem Intergroup Office, 1020 Brookstown Ave, Room 11, Winston Salem, Tuesday, May 17, 6-7 PM.

This week our Study Leader is Jennifer S., Area 51 Alternate Chair, and past DCM D18.
This week we will be studying Concept Two:

Concept II

The General Service Conference of A.A. has become, for nearly every practical purpose, the active voice and the effective conscience of our whole Society in its world affairs.

Long Form
When, in 1955, the A.A. groups confirmed the permanent charter for their General Service Conference, they thereby delegated to the Conference complete authority for the active maintenance of our world services and thereby made the Conference – excepting for any change in the Twelve Traditions or in Article 12 of the Conference Charter – the actual voice and the effective conscience for our whole Society.


  • Do we have an understanding of the history of the General Service Conference?
  • What is a Conference Advisory Action? Does our home group’s G.S.R., D.C.M. or area delegate report back to the group on the highlights of the Conference and Conference Advisory Actions?
  • What does active maintenance mean?
  • How is Concept ll tied to Concept l? What role does the GSC play for the groups and relative to other service entities such as the General Service Board, General Service Office, the areas?