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RULE 62 GROUP meets Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 6:30PM at Methodist Church, 314 Muirs Chapel Rd. →.

Founded by Jenny E. and others, it was organized around 1995 and has always met at Muirs Chapel Methodist Church on Muirs Chapel Road. This group was organized to appeal to all recovering alcoholics and those with a desire to not drink; it covers the Big Book, 12 and 12 study and discussion.

This group meets in the Music and Sunday School room, next to the Chapel on the first floor of the church. It’s a very comfortable space with circular seating. The room is air-conditioned and heated as appropriate and at every meeting there are coffee and cookies as well as tea and candies.

Attendance ranges from 20-30 at each of the three weekly meetings. The mix in gender is about 50/50, ages range from high teens to old timers with over 40 years sobriety. A newcomer’s packet of AA material is offered to each newcomer as well as names and phone numbers and there is emphasis on sponsorship and any other assistance that a newcomer may need.

Tuesday is a Big Book study meeting starting at 6:30 p.m.; Friday is a 12 and 12 study meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday is a discussion meeting using “As Bill Sees It” as a guide to discussion, unless someone is having a problem with sobriety or a threat to their sobriety in which case, it automatically becomes the topic of discussion. Each meeting is chaired by a volunteer who calls on others to share, limiting their sharing to three minutes (if possible) so that others may share. Cross talk, side talk, and direct advice are discouraged.

This is the most social group in all of Greensboro: we celebrate anniversaries; there is a meeting after the meeting for continued fellowship almost always at some local restaurant where many of us have something to eat; there is also an annual picnic held every summer where attendance is open to all Greensboro AA. To further emphasize fellowship many members also get together regularly to attend cultural, social and sports events in Greensboro; this includes participation in other AA events sponsored by other groups and the District (for example, the annual New Year’s Gathering).

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