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The daily Big Book Group at noon, Monday thru Friday at the Quaker Meeting House, 2100 West Friendly is gaining some following and beginning to provide a “family feeling.” Several handicapped AAs come. We activity study the first 164 pages in a way that leave lots of time for sharing. Like this: one person in the circle reads one paragraph and stops. The group gives time for that text to “soak in.” The sharing on that paragraph starts bubbling up and we share our exp/str/hope on that ONE paragraph until everyone who wants can have a say. Next, a different person reads the next paragraph. Unique to this format is that one one paragraph. Sharing begins, always on topic. No therapy, no inner child stuff, no blaming our parents or other off topic subects. Opening readings take less than 5 minutes and the close takes another five. So at each meeting we dig deeply into every topic from the Book in turn. Secondly, we are finding the sharing that happens in a small meeting of (4 to 12) is much more intimate than are most large meetings where newbies are intimdated to talk . We all feel safer to talk and our format provides it. No off-top soap box speeches or the canned repeated same old stuff. Newcomers get the whole Big Book in small doses with time for discussion and explanations from long-timers to newbies. We have coffee and cookies at most meetings, relaxed shares and rotating Commitments for the logistics. Come visit. Come join the Home Group.