336-854-4278 help@nc23.org

Meeting makers make it, so let’s make sure those who want to make yours are able!

Most of our meeting places are easily found via GPS and online maps, but once out of their car, can a person easily find the room where the meeting is held? Please help our newcomers and visitors by providing us with special instructions for finding your meeting room. For example, “Enter building using the Kensington Street entrance. Meeting is in the basement. Parking is available in church parking lot.” or “Until September 1, 2016, we will be meeting in Fellowship Hall, which is off the main entrance to the right.”

Contact us with the group name, location, and easy directions for finding the meeting room. We’ll add the information to the meeting’s listing(s). Email info@nc23.org or use our Submit Content page.

m-30_aaMeetingSign_grandeAlso, you can get the round AA signs for $7 at Greensboro Intergroup. These signs are quite helpful for finding meetings at churches and other large buildings. Call Intergroup to inquire about getting one: 336-854-4278.