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The following new documents have been posted in the “Information for Members” section of the website. Contact your GSR for the password to access the site’s content for AA members only.

Under “Recent Postings”:
Highlights: 2016 Spring Assembly


Under “Service Opportunities”:
Resume for Southeast Regional Trustee (Deadline July 9, 2016)
Resume for Trustee-At-Large U.S. (Deadline July 9, 2016)
Resume for Area 51 Archivist, 2018-2023 (Deadline December 31, 2016)


Under “Delegate’s Corner”:
Delegate’s Report Highlights: 2016 Spring Assembly
Delegate’s Report Complete: 2016 Spring Assembly
Delegate Presentation: 2016 Spring Assembly


In addition, Area events through the Fall 2018 Election Assembly have been posted in the public “Events” section of the website.