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Map showing Proposed Boundaries of District 23

Proposed Boundaries of District 23

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Note: The interactive map does not show proposed boundaries. nc23.org lists some meetings that are not in District 23. Some of the meetings shown on the interactive map are already part of another district.

The proposed boundaries, as written on https://aanorthcarolina.org/members/redistrict.asp are as follows:

Create a city center district in Greensboro (district 23) bounded by Wendover Avenue on the west and north, highway 29 on the east, and Interstate 40 and Interstate Business 85 on the south. All of Guilford County north of Interstate 40 (outside of the central district) plus Rockingham County (currently district 22) would become district 22. All of Guilford County south of Interstate 40 will remain in district 24.

Visit https://aanorthcarolina.org/members/redistrict.asp to learn about the proposed redistricting of District 23 (Greensboro) and the rest of Area 51 (NC). This page requires a username and password, available from your GSR.

These documents make up the first draft proposal produced by the subcommittee. They are presented to facilitate review, discussion and feedback from all districts. Please use the feedback form (available at the above link) to submit any comments, questions or concerns that your district may have. (AA members, groups, and districts are encouraged to provide feedback.) The deadline for feedback is December 31, 2016.

Available at https://aanorthcarolina.org/members/redistrict.asp:

  • Summary of Proposed Changes
  • Feedback Form
  • Current English-Speaking Districts
  • Proposed English-Speaking Districts
  • Proposed Linguistic Districts
  • Proposed District Maps

Originally published 18SEP2016