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Consider what other AA members have shared about their experience with the 7th Tradition:

  • When I started, I put $1 in the basket at every meeting I went to and I was going to a meeting every day. Awhile ago, I realized I was going to 2-3 meetings a week now and still only putting in $1. My contributions to AA had gone from about $30 a month to about $10!
  • When I first came into AA, I had lost my job; I was unemployable. Now I’m not only employable, but I earn more than I ever did. When I realized none of that would be true without my getting and staying sober in AA, I decided I wanted to give more.
  • My home group does AA’s Birthday Plan, where it’s tradition (little “t”) for us to put $1 in the basket for every year we’re celebrating when we pick up our chip. [Other groups use AA’s Birthday Plan envelopes to contribute similarly directly to AAWS.]
  • I went to a meeting in another state and heard about the $2/$5 thing and I really liked it. Instead of putting $1 in the basket, I put $5 in the basket at my home group and $2 in the basket at other meetings.
  • I saw this guy had a $2 bill on the table at a meeting. I asked about it because I hadn’t seen one in a long time. He told me he goes to the bank to get a bunch of them and then he uses them to put $2 in the basket. He said he does it to get people to ask about it so he can tell them about putting more than $1 in the basket. It worked on me! Sometimes I even go to the bank and get a bunch of $2 bills.

Did you know there's an online 7th Tradition contribution option?

Not only is there an option to do online 7th Tradition contributions to AAWS, but they can be set to recur monthly. This is a simple way to contribute directly to AAWS and help AA remain self-supporting. Some people contribute $5 per month, others $10 monthly. You might consider contributing monthly one dollar for each year you’ve been sober. Regardless of how much you contribute, once you set it up, you’re done! Each month, the amount you choose will be charged to your payment method and you’ll receive an email confirming it.