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Group info data fields screencapShown here is the backend of the the Meetings List feature on our site (click to embiggen).  Please review your group’s listing(s) and let us know of any changes you want. You can notify us via the Request a Change button at the bottom of a listing, by completing the Submit Content form, or by emailing help@nc23.org.

Are there are additional Types you want noted? Is your meeting space wheelchair accessible? Do you provide child care? Is a sign language translator available? Take a look at the image for all the types available.  Your group can have multiple types listed.

We can add notes about your meeting (including meeting type exceptions [e.g. speaker meeting last Tuesday of the month], when its business meetings are, group history, etc.). Does your group have a tradition of meeting for fellowship before/after the meeting?  Where?

We can also add notes about your meeting’s location, such as which entrance to use, what floor it’s on, where to park, etc.

If your group has a website, email, or phone contact, we can add those, too.

If there is something that can help an alcoholic find your group or know more about it, we can include it in its listing.

Please note: Contacts (Name, Email, Phone) are not published on the website.  They are only available to District 23’s trusted servants and webmaster.  Contacts would include your GSR, AltGSR, and/or any home group member we can contact who is knowledgeable about your group and can relay information to your group.