336-854-4278 help@nc23.org

When forming a new group or meeting, please notify us ASAP about the details. Please include:

  • Group name
  • Day of meeting
  • Time of meeting
  • Length of time of meeting
  • Location of meeting
  • Meeting format (Big Book, Discussion, Women’s, Meditation, etc.)
  • Open or Closed
  • Date of the first meeting
  • Any special information about finding the meeting space
  • Any other special information of use

The earlier you provide NC23.org this information, the better capable we are of scheduling the timing of updating the online & printable schedules, adding posts to the front page about the new meeting, adding info to the hot sheet, and notifying subscribers via email.  Keep in mind you can never send us information too early, but you can certainly send it too late.

For now, please email the requested information to webmaster@nc23.org or complete the contact form on the Submit Content page.