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The following information was distributed to GSRs at the December 2017 District Committee Meeting. District 23 using a Twitter account as a text notification service was briefly discussed at the January District Committee Meeting. Due to too little feedback from members about the use of Twitter by the district, it was decided to post about it here and to discuss it at the February District Committee Meeting. Please discuss this at your home group business meeting so your group’s GSR can properly represent your group’s conscience at the February District Committee Meeting.

In short, SMS Follow of a Twitter account is a fancy way of saying text message notifications. In order to reach more AA members via the way they communicate, District 23 could pay for a text message notification service or have the same function for free by creating a Twitter account.

Signing up for SMS Follow is simple:

  1. Text the word START to 40404
  2. Text Follow [nc23’s account name]

Sign up to SMS Follow a Twitter account and you will start receiving Tweets from that user on your device.

  • As an SMS Follow user, you will only receive updates from accounts you follow.
  • As an SMS Follow user, your phone number (or any other personal information) will not be included in the follower list of users you choose to follow.

More information: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20170004