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District 23’s elections will be held at the District Committee Meeting on 14NOV2019. All district officer and committee chair positions are up for election (see list below).

It is our responsibility as AA members to give away what we’ve found – that’s called direct service.  Direct service is one alcoholic working with another.  General service (of which serving at the district level is a part) is all the work that make direct service possible.  Without general service, many people who have a drinking problem would never find the solution we have found in AA.

All AA members are welcome at district meetings.  Each home group’s GSR (general service representative) should attend these meetings to be the voice and vote for their home group.  All AA members may stand for any position in the district; you do not have to be a GSR or have been one.

Read about the responsibilities of these positions in our General Service FAQ.  If you have questions about a position, contact the current position holder or our DCM via the Contacts page.


  • District Committee Member (DCM)
  • Alternate District Committee Member (Alt DCM)
  • Local Committee Member #1 (LCM)
  • Local Committee Member #2 (LCM)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community / Public Information Chair (CPC/PI)
  • Correctional Facilities Committee Chair (CFC)
  • Grapevine Representative
  • Special Events Committee Chair
  • Accessibilities Committee Chair
  • Treatment Facilities Committee Chair (TFC)
  • Web & Tech Committee Chair