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COVID-19 & Recovery Meetings

Recovery peeps: I keep getting asked about how meetings can help protect their attendees. I’ve compiled a few suggestions based on CURRENT CDC recommendations (but it may change):

1. Right now, there is no recommendation to cancel meetings.
2. Don’t go to meetings if you are sick. Period.
3. Wash your hands/use hand sanitizer before and after the meeting.
4. I think it’s prudent not to hold hands after meetings. This isn’t a magic spell that requires physical contact; your presence is enough.
5. If you’re “a hugger,” stop.
6. Don’t eat any cakes that anyone has blown on (I’m looking at you, Los Angeles).
7. Don’t pass chips around for everyone to touch.
8. (Edit) Don’t pass the basket. Either leave it out for people to drop their donations in, or join the 21st century and figure out a way to take electronic payments (see recommendations in comments).
9. And finally, no matter how touching their share was and how bad your mascara is running, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE.