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District 23 of Area 51: NC District 23 P.O. Box 5125 Greensboro, NC 27435 Please send all district correspondence and group contributions to this address. Checks should be made to “NC District 23”.

District Committee Member (DCM): Kyle R.  – dcm@nc23.org

Alternate District Committee Member (Alternate DCM): Jami U. – altdcm@nc23.org

Local Committee Member (LCM): Don M. – lcm1@nc23.org

Local Committee Member (LCM): Viki M.  – lcm2@nc23.org

Secretary: Holly M. – secretary@nc23.org

Treasurer: ‬Mariah B. – treasurer@nc23.org

Accessibilities Committee Chair (SNC): Jimmy C. – ‬access@nc23.org

Cooperation with the Professional Community / Public Information Chair (CPC/PI):  Jennifer W. – cpc@nc23.org

Correctional Facilities Committee Chair (CFC): Zach M. – cfc@nc23.org

Grapevine Representative: Dan – grapevine@nc23.org

Special Events Committee Chair: David N. – se@nc23.org

Treatment Facilities Committee Chair (TFC): Jane F. – tfc@nc23.org

Web & Tech Committee Chair: Christopher S. – website@nc23.org

Web & Tech Committee: webcommittee@nc23.org

(To ensure your email is promptly addressed, please contact the Web & Tech Committee with all general website requests.) If you have a request that does not fit into one of the above categories, please contact the District Committee Member (DCM).

Contributions to Area 51: NCGSC – Treasurer PO
PO Box 17271 
Raleigh, NC 27619

General Service Office of A.A. (GSO) / Contributions to GSO: The General Service Office Grand Central Station P.O. Box 459 New York, NY 10164-0423 Contribute to AAWS Online