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District 23 of Area 51: NC District 23 P.O. Box 5125 Greensboro, NC 27435 Please send all district correspondence and group contributions to this address.

District Committee Member (DCM): Kimberly M.  – dcm@nc23.org

Alternate District Committee Member (Alternate DCM): Kyle R. – 336-340-1153 – altdcm@nc23.org

Local Committee Member (LCM): Jennifer W.  – lcm1@nc23.org

Local Committee Member (LCM): Jimmy C.  – lcm2@nc23.org

Secretary: Jami U. – secretary@nc23.org

Treasurer: ‬Holly M. – treasurer@nc23.org

Accessibilities Committee Chair (SNC): Iris B. – ‬access@nc23.org

Cooperation with the Professional Community / Public Information Chair (CPC/PI):  Zach M – cpc@nc23.org

Correctional Facilities Committee Chair (CFC): Viki M. – cfc@nc23.org

Grapevine Representative: Thomas S. – grapevine@nc23.org

Special Events Committee Chair: Robin R. – se@nc23.org

Treatment Facilities Committee Chair (TFC): Della M. – tfc@nc23.org

Web & Tech Committee Chair: Mariah B. – website@nc23.org

Web & Tech Committee: webcommittee@nc23.org

(To ensure your email is promptly addressed, please contact the Web & Tech Committee with all general website requests.) If you have a request that does not fit into one of the above categories, please contact the District Committee Member (DCM).

Contributions to Area 51: NCGSC – Treasurer PO
PO Box 17271 
Raleigh, NC 27619

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