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Email List

To provide a notification system for when this site is updated, we offer an email signup. While all reasonable efforts to ensure anonymity will continue to be employed on the site, the use of a 3rd party to provide email list functionality means we cannot guarantee the anonymity of those who sign up. We recommend reading AA Internet Guidelines → (PDF) to inform yourself of suggested methods of interaction online and possible risks of doing so. We recommend the use of a non-personally-identifying email address whenever using email for AA-related activities. The email list service we use will send email without disclosing the addresses of other subscribers. However, should you choose to forward the email, having a personally-identifiable address could result in your name being sent out if the recipient chooses to forward the email again.

Emails will always:

  • be from “District 23”
  • have the subject line: “New Content Posted”
  • include a link to unsubscribe

Upon entering your email address and clicking “Subscribe,” you’ll be shown a page indicating success of requesting to be added. Check your email inbox for the confirmation email and click the “Yes, subscribe me to this list” button. You’ll then be shown a web page indicating you are subscribed and will receive another email to confirm the subscription.

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